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A Customer Centric Approach to Improve Filtration Operations

With our breadth of experience, we understand that success of filtration processes involves attention to the detail at each stage of the cycle from manufacturing to deployment. On-going focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of filtration processes will help improve the financial performance.

Delivering Customized Solutions

Sourcing to Deployment and Ongoing Support


Our supplier identification program involves a thorough due-diligence on the quality of the manufacturing operation. We provide on-going feedback to our suppliers to improve the overall quality of the product in terms of its mechanical and chemical characteristics. We keep an inventory of a wide range of fabrics to ensure that we are able to service our customer’s requirements in a timely manner.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

Filtration technology is changing continuously. Rely on our experience to identify the right filter fabric for you. We have chosen our portfolio of fabrics based on a wide range of criteria including chemical and mechanical properties and speciality treatments.

Tailoring and Manufacturing of Panels and Bags

We procure the finest stitching machines and heat sealing equipment to ensure that the filter panels and bags have an enhanced life and have zero contamination. Our tailors have a minimum experience of 5 years in filter media.

Quality Control

Our quality assurance process ensures that the filter panels and bags fit your requirements and are contaminant free prior to dispatch.

Onsite Support and trouble shooting

We offer onsite support to resolve the problems such as low flow rate, inefficient filtration processes, contamination of filter media, and trouble with cake release, process choking and low life of the filter media and work with them to identify the root cause and eliminate the same. Through our experience of providing filtration solutions across industries, we are able to