Pioneering History

A Pioneering History

Industrial Fabrics (Madras) made its humble beginnings in the year 1975, when it was incorporated by Mr. Prakash Chand Jain with a focus on providing filtration solutions to the Edible Oil industry (Ghani and expeller units). At that time, the filtration textiles market relied heavily on imported fabrics and the organization quickly started focusing on finding indigenous substitutes to provide high quality filtration solutions.

A Pioneering Association with Madura Coats

Thrust on Research and Development

During 1979, when Madura Coats Ltd., (A unit of Coats Viyella, U.K.), Madurai (Tamil Nadu) ventured into the technical textiles market, Industrial Fabrics (Madras) was entrusted the sales and distribution responsibility for the same. We worked with Madura Coats to develop the portfolio of filtration textiles and simultaneously improved our operations by starting a one-of-its kind stitching unit by deploying heavy duty and precision sewing machines from leading suppliers. The combined expertise of Industrial Fabrics and Madura Coats provided a one stop solution to the oil Industry. The quality No. 0027, which was developed, continues to be a benchmark filtration fabric used in the filter presses in the edible oil industry.

Products and Services

Expanding Filter Media Portfolio across Industries

Launching Polypropylene Filter Cloth

With success in the cotton filter cloth market, Madura Coats now focused on enhancing technical expertise, expanding products portfolio, and making investments in R&D to develop synthetic filter cloth. Polypropylene filter fabrics T-255 and NP-006 were introduced to cater to mineral, pharmaceutical, chemical, & petrochemical industries. As we introduced new products and services, we worked alongside process managers and business leaders at customer sites to seek feedback, resolve technical issues, and provide inputs back to our suppliers.

Expanding Portfolio to Nylon and Polyester

As the demand for synthetic filter cloth increased, we introduced Nylon and Polyester filter cloth to suit various industrial applications. These developments were possible only through our extensive interaction with the industry and R&D support from our suppliers. Meanwhile, we expanded our relationship with Madura Coats by taking on the responsibility for Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry states.
Creating a Niche as a Filtration Solutions Provider

Filtration Solutions Focus.

Our close association with customers in diverse industry markets has helped us understand the challenges on the shop floor such as the need for ready-to-use centrifuge bags, filter press cloths, and filter bags besides an understanding of the technical complexities of the process such as the particle size, the pH value of the slurry, the pressure and heat requirements of the process. As we expanded our filtration solutions portfolio, we realized the need to provide an end-to-end solution including performing due technical assessments to suggest the right fabrics, stitch filtration panels and bags to precise specifications, monitor the process results/ performance, and most importantly, support our valued customers in achieving their objectives.
At the beginning of 1990, with a rising awareness for filter media for effluent treatment, water treatment and air pollution, we introduced whole new varieties of woven and non-woven filter clothes. Today, we offer the most diversified range of filter fabrics for any industrial filtration application.

Industry Specific Capabilities

Over the years, our customers have trusted us for resolving their most challenging process problems. They also rely on us to deploy precisely stitched filter panels made from the right filter fabrics. One of the key examples and challenges is in providing solutions to the Pharmaceuticals Industry because of the varied slurries and multitude of equipment. We have successfully taken on challenges to resolve these issues with several of our customers by working with our suppliers to develop fabrics that complete filtration within the desired time, provide high quality filtration that save energy costs of drying the end products, and have a high degree of durability and ease of reuse.

The Way forward

Demand for cleaner, purer products, sophisticated production processes and products, and more stringent requirements for health, safety and environmental protection continues to increase. In an ever competitive market place, our customer expectations and solutions are paramount and are satisfied with products that are innovative, reliable and energy efficient. Our belief is that this can only be achieved through our people, their capabilities and the use of cutting edge technologies to develop exceptionally high quality products and processes

Our Logo Exemplifies our Vision and Focus

IFM’ in our logo stands for the company’s name ‘INDUSTRIAL FABRICS (MADRAS)’. The colors of the text signify the wide range of fabrics and filtration solutions. The mesh structure in the logo represents the filter fabrics that the company provides. The Tagline ‘FOR BETTER FILTRATION’ is consistent with our vision, mission and focus on serving our customers with filtration solutions that are market leading and dynamic.

Industrial Fabrics Logo