Our Values

Our Values

Industrial Fabrics (Madras) delivers cost effective and differentiated filtration services and solutions to customers in diverse industries including food, chemicals and rubber, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, metals, mining and minerals, cement and automobiles.

The founders of Industrial Fabrics (Madras) recognize that filtration and separation specialists in these industries required an optimum balance of quality filtration, and through put, besides lowering the cost of the process in order to succeed. The company was established to address these needs by blending a combination of industry specific filtration and separation expertise with a deep array of filter fabrics to cater to the diverse requirements of our customers.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the filtration textiles market by developing unmatched technical competencies in sourcing the right fabric, stitching the fabrics to exacting specifications, and partnering with our customers to deploy reliable, energy efficient, innovative, and effective filtration solutions.

To achieve our stated vision and purpose, we
● Continually develop, source and stock an extensive range of filter fabrics designed to meet a broad variety of customer demands
● Work with our customers to understand process technical requirements and provide optimum filtration solutions for their needs
● Provide unmatched customer care

Our Values

● Our Goal is to provide quality filtration and separation solutions that produces the highest return for our clients’ efforts.
● Our Success is achieved through personalized service, a deep filter fabrics portfolio that is aligned to the needs of customers in diverse industries.
● Our Work Processes are focused on delivering high quality filter panels and bags so that our clients reduce the cost of carrying inventory.
● Our People are constantly improving their knowledge, skills and capabilities so that we can maintain our high standards and reputation as a trusted business partner.
● Our Community is enriched by our efforts to improve the communities in which we live and work.

Guiding Principles

● Customer Service. Everything we do is to better serve our clients. We take pride in taking on complex filtration and separation problems and working with our customers to resolve the same.
● Innovation & Technical Expertise. We are a learning organization that evolves and improves with changes in technology and services, constantly introducing new products to enhance performance.
● Ownership. Our personal success is tied to the success of the clients we serve.
● Teamwork. We work together to attain the common goal of providing our clients with the highest level of service available in the industry. Open communication with our customers and collaboration are critical to achieving this goal.