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Filtration solutions and media for a diverse range of Industries

Filter media are extensively used in the solid-liquid and air-solid filtrations across a wide range of filtration and separation equipment. With over 35 years of experience, we have honed the art of identifying the right filter fabrics to be applied, precision stitching techniques, and problem solving capabilities for customers across industries. We service clients in the following industry segments

Asphalt and Cement

● We offer dust collection bags that are customized for your unique requirements.
● We offer multiple filtration and separation media options for quarries, asphalt, and cement manufacturers.

Food Processing

Edible Oil, Beverages, Dairy, Bakery and Roller Flour Mills

A key determinant for the choice of filter media in the food processing industry is to ensure that the media does not contaminate the end product, while offering high quality filtration.

● Some of the key processes requiring filter media are Dairy Products, Powdered Milk Production, Brewing, Wine, Juice & Soft Drink Production, Flour Milling, Sugar & Beet Refining, Oils & Fats, Potato & Starch, Pectin and Carrageen, Various Baking Processes etc.
● The diversity of filter media demanded by the industry include Candle Filter Bags, dust collection bags, centrifuges, filter press fabrics, horizontal vacuum belt filters, screen meshes, vessel bags etc.
● The demands on the filter fabrics are varied from bursting strength to optimal filtration rate, and from heat resistance to clean cake discharge.
● We have carved a niche for ourselves in the edible oil market space as well as in biscuit making processes.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceuticals industry is driven by high demands in terms of both production rate as well as quality of filtration besides a contaminant free filter media.

● Our products are used in production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in the processes and also to treat waste water and process by products.
● The key equipment in the filtration and separation processes including Centrifuge bags, Nutsche filters, fluid bed dryer fabrics, vacuum filters, filter press fabrics, screen/mesh media, drum filters , disc filters and sparkler pads.
● The main fields in the pharmaceuticals sector are production of antibiotics, vaccines, plasma and synthetic medicines.
● In chemicals, our filtration media are to be found in production of organic or mineral pigments, iron oxide, titanium oxide, plastics and detergents.
● Our filtration media can separate particles ranging from 0.5 to 500 µm under very difficult conditions at temperatures of up to 200°C.

Chemicals, Pigments and Dyes

Like in the pharmaceutical industry, the chemicals industry requires that the filter media have a strong production rate as well be contaminant free.

The varied slurry types, particle retention requirements, chemical compatibility of the media and mechanical properties place complex and stringent demands on the filter media.
The industry is governed by a regulatory environment that requires a reduction in the environmental impact and optimization of costs related to water, and energy management. Therefore, the choice of filter media and equipment
Industrial Fabrics offers a wide range of filter media including Centrifuge bags, Nutsche filters, fluid bed dryer fabrics, Leaf filter, filter paper rolls, vacuum filters, filter press fabrics, screen/mesh media, drum filters , disc filters and sparkler pads.
We supply a wide variety of fabrics capable of working in high temperature conditions with strong chemical compatibility and other mechanical conditions such as high pressure…

Metals, Mining and Minerals

Industrial Fabrics (Madras) provides a diverse range of high quality filter media developed with an intricate understating of the process complexities in the Metals, Mining and Mineral processing industries

● Our fabrics and bags are widely used in the electrolysis of non-ferrous metals such as titanium, copper, chromium, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic, gold and silver.
● Additionally, we have fabrics and panels suited for varied processes associated with the extraction, concentration, and refining.
● We have several customers who are involved in the manufacture of glass and ceramic products (silicates and feldspars)
● We offer customized filter panels and bags for filter presses, leaf filters, Nutsche filters screen/mesh fabrics, and filter belts

Water Treatment

With increasing regulatory pressure on the quality of effluent discharged, water treatment quality assumes a great importance. Our products are optimized to give you high rate of filtration, while offering good particle retention.

Purpose: Our filter fabrics are used to treat waste water or sludge from inceration plants. The products are also used for filtration of waste water from anodization or galvanization, tanneries, dyeing plants, chrome/zinc plating.
Types of Equipment and Bags/Panels: Press belts, rotary vacuum drum filters, etc.

Screen Printing Meshes

Industrial Fabrics (Madras) provides precision nylon screen meshes for the screen printing and filtration of dyes and pigments.

● Extensively used in the printing and painting of automobiles, and hoardings, these meshes are available in various grades and pore densities for different levels of particle retention

Pharmaceuticals Industry- Our Solutions and Expertise

With close association with chemical & Pharma industry in Tamil Nadu, IFM realized that customers are suffering heavily for want of good quality stitched ready use centrifuge bags and filter press cloths and other filter bags. To keep pace with the market needs, we have been expanding our filter bag making capacities.
The Pharma industry offered us the most challenging opportunities in filtration with varied slurries. IFM became a very vital link in developing newer varieties of filter cloths to offer products which could complete filtration within the desired time limits and lower LOD’S to save energy costs in drying the end products. At the beginning of 1990, with rising awareness for filter media for effluent treatment, water treatment and air pollution IFM introduced whole new varieties of woven and non-woven filter clothes.
Demand for cleaner, purer products, sophisticated production processes and products, and more stringent requirements for health, safety and environmental protection continues to increase. In an ever competitive market place, our customer expectations and solutions are paramount and are satisfied with products that are innovative, reliable and energy efficient. Our belief is that this can be achieved at its best through our people, their capabilities and the use of cutting edge technologies to develop exceptionally high quality products and processes.

Supporting Some of the largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Products Supplied to Pharmaceutical Companies

● Filter Press Cloths – Panels / Butterfly
Centrifuge Bags For:
― Top Discharge / Bottom Discharge / Top Lifting Centrifuges
― Nutsche Filter / Agitated Nutsche Filter Bags / ANFD’S dust collector bags
● Fluid Bed Drier Filter Bags
● RCVD filter bags
● Sparkler Filter Pads- Disposables – Non Woven / Reusable Fabric Pads

Pharmaceutical Products-Customized Filtration Solutions

We have developed customized solutions for specific APIs, and Formulations. In many of these cases, we have reduced the costs to process as well as infused efficiency by developing specific fabrics. Our team of filtration experts works closely with the Pharmaceutical company’s process managers to understand their process specific needs and textile manufacturers to develop customized fabrics.
We will be able to furnish specific details on request.