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A Pioneer in the industrial and technical textiles market, Serving Since 1975.

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Prakash Chand Jain to provide high quality filtration solutions to clients in diverse industries, Industrial Fabrics (Madras) is a pioneer in the industrial and technical textiles market.

We are amongst the premier suppliers of a wide variety of woven and non-woven filter cloth, technical textiles, specialty filter fabrics, filter bags, filter panels, and filtration performance improvement services across India. Through our focus on providing a complete filtration solution and resolving our customer’s needs rather than just being a supplier of fabrics and bags, we have earned the trust of our customers and established a leadership position in the market.

  • Quality Control System, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Experienced Professional Staff, Accurate Processes
  • Atmosphere Sensitivity, Personalized Controlled
  • Unrivalled workmanship, Professional and Qualified
Products and Services

End-to-End Filtration Solutions

Having established a niche, pioneering position through our principals and suppliers, today we focus on providing an end-to-end solution to our customers including technical assessments to suggest the right fabrics, stitch filtration panels and bags to precise specifications, monitor the process results to improve performance, and most importantly, support our valued customers in achieving their objectives.

Finest woven filter fabrics

Utilize a diverse range of finest woven filter fabrics made from spun, mono, and multi-filament yarns

  •   Natural Fabrics- Cotton and Viscose
  •   Synthetic Filter fabrics- Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Specialty polymer fabrics and more
  •   Provided with specialty treatments such as one or both side raising, coating etc.

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Non-woven filter fabrics

Improve filtration performance with our non-woven filter fabrics including Needle Felts and Adhesive bonded fabrics , which can be provided with several types of specialty treatments including singing/glazing, Silicon coated, PTFE coating, Antistatic, Fire retardant etc.

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Customized filter panels and bags

Get customized filter panels and bags for your wet and dry filtration needs

  •   Wet Filtration: Full range of filter press panels, Centrifuge Bags, Fluid Bed Drier Filter Bags, Sparkler filter pads, Disc filter bags, vacuum belt filters, rotary vacuum drum filter belt, coolant filter papers, Nutsche filter bags and more.
  •   Dry Filtration: Bags made from woven and non-woven filter media for dust collection systems, bag filters, mechanical shakers, pocket filter bags, vacuum cleaner filter bags, air filters and more…

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Focus on Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our approach to problem solving and customer service is professional as well as personalized. Our experienced team members take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements and provide you a tailored set of solutions to improve filtration efficiency, address business as well as process needs, and help you improve your bottom-line. Our unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed has manifested in the design of new products that fit your requirements.