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Rely on Our 35+ Years Expertise to Find the Right Filter Media for Your Dry & Wet Filtration Needs

Over the last 35 years, we have worked with our customers in diverse industries to address their wet and dry filtration needs. Our deep filter media portfolio along with our expertise in precision stitching of filter panels and bags ensures that you get the best results.  Whether you would like us to replicate your current filters, or assess your process to suggest the right fabric and deploy customized filter panels, you can trust Industrial Fabrics (Madras) to provide dependable and cost effective solutions to improve process efficiencies.

Wet Filtration

  • Filter Press Cloths – Panels / Butterfly
  • Centrifuge Bags For:
    • Top Discharge / Bottom Discharge / Top Lifting Centrifuges
    • Nutsche Filter / Agitated Nutsche Filter Bags / ANFD’S
  • Fluid Bed Drier Filter Bags
  • Sparkler Filter Pads- Disposables – Non Woven / Reusable Fabric Pads
  • Disc Filter Bags
  • Vacuum Belt Filters
  • Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Cloths
  • Coolant Filter Papers

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Dry Filtration

  • Woven & Non-Woven Filter Cloths For Dust Collectors / Bag Filter / Mechanical Shakers
  • Pocket Filter Bags For Unit Dust Collectors
  • Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags
  • Air Filter Media
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Other Technical Textiles

  • Cost effective fabrics for Tea collection bags
  • Specialized fabrics for making automobile hoses, re-treading, and other processes in the rubber industry

Fabrics Portfolio

We provide our clients with a wide variety of choice of textiles for technical purposes.

  • Made from the finest woven natural and synthetic filter fabrics including cotton, viscose, Nylon, polypropylene, polyester,  and specialty polymers  fabrics made from spun yarns,  mono and multi filament yarns
  • Non-woven fabrics including Needle Felts and adhesive bonded fabrics  along with specialty treatments such as singed, glazed, Silicon coated, PTFE coating, PTFE membrane, Antistatic, Fire retardant etc.
  • Additional fabrics using specialty polymer and coatings for a variety of niche industrial uses

Your search for Customized Filter Media ends here

Yes, we pay attention to the smallest details when it comes to filter media.  From sourcing the finest filter fabrics through our supplier management programs to the right thread to give you a highly durable solution, we know what high quality filter media is all about. You get:

    • Highest Quality Filter Media sourced from reliable manufacturers
    • Precision cutting using predesigned template
    • Precision stitching using high quality industrial sewing machines
    • Heat Sealed edges or reinforced edges to enhance the life of the media
    • Technical counsel to help you resolve your filtration problems
    • Proven Quality assurance process
    • Suitable  fastening attachments- including elastics, springs, zippers, ropes, ties, and Velcro



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