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Deploying High Performance Filter Media for Your Unique Needs

At Industrial Fabrics, we take pride in having developed one of the deepest ranges of filtration and separation fabrics. We are amongst the premier suppliers of a wide variety of woven and non-woven filter cloth, technical textiles, specialty filter fabrics, filter bags, filter panels, and filtration performance improvement services across India. Through our focus on providing a complete filtration solution and resolving our customer’s needs rather than just being a supplier of fabrics and bags, we have earned the trust of our customers and established a leadership position in the market.  We are amongst the largest stockists of Filter fabrics and media in India.

Strong Understanding of Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Fibres

We have taken special care to study the complex requirements of our customers and aligned our product development and sourcing strategies in line with these requirements.   The thermal, biological, chemical properties of fibres and how yarns have been made from the fibre have important implications on the behaviour of filter fabrics in customer processes.  As filter cloth designers, we understand the end-to-end process of converting the fibre to fabric and performance as filter media. 

  • We offer a full range of woven filter cloth with  multiple combinations of  mono-filament, spun, multi-filament yarns, weave designs, fibre choices and special finishing techniques to enhance filtration rake, cake formation and cake release characteristics
  • Our non-woven filter cloth are made through various precision needle-felt and adhesive bonding processes and provided in a range of fibres and speciality finishes such as fire retardant, anti-static, PTFE coatings etc. This enables high chemical compatibility and mechanical features
  • Our Products help your achieve the unique balance between durability, reliability, flow rates, cake discharge, ease of redeployment and reuse, and chemical compatibility. We ensure that the media is contaminant free to ensure that you deliver a high quality product consistently

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